Aug 30, 2010

How to Open Disabled Run Dialog and Regedit Using Notepad

Run Dialog and Regedit disabled? or Virus prevent you from accessing Task Manager, Control Panel and Run Command, Here is the solution.

Opening Run Dialog

Open Notepad and paste this code

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Var_YN = MsgBox("Enable Run Dialog?", vbYesNo, "I-T[e]ChNoLoGy Corp Ltd")
If Var_YN = 6 Then

Aug 29, 2010

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files

It's a sickening feeling, the moment you realise that some important document, or irreplaceable photos have vanished from your computer. But that is no reason to despair. The chances are that the data is still present, even if you know you deleted it. Your computer operating system just does not know how to find it any more.

The four most common reasons for data loss are:

- Deletion. You deleted the file by accident during a disk cleanup, or because you thought it was no longer required. It is not in the Recycle Bin. However, the data will still exist until the space it occupied on the disk is are-used by another file.

High Definition Tuners

High definition TV tuners or HDTV tuners are designed to receive high definition programs by connecting to an external antenna. HDTV tuners will not only show movies and DVD's at high definition, but will improve the viewing of normal TV. It is because of the improved definition or color and picture quality of DVD's and programs that make HDTV tuners very popular with viewers.

Television sets often come with HDTV tuners already built into them, these are called integrated HDTV's. If you are considering buying an external high definition TV tuner for your television, make sure that

Jun 19, 2010

Domain Name Forwarding And Masking Tips

Are you just plain fed up with your current domain name? The world of business is full of decision making. The decision made today becomes tomorrow success or failures. There are some decisions once made they become final. There will be no option for amending them hence the business has to live with them.

Once a decision is made to register a website name, and indeed it's registered it becomes final. I mean once it's registered there will be no option for changing it. Your website has to live with it.

Choosing a website name is the challenge facing many e-commerce starters. They register a name but later on they realize that it is impossible to execute new projects on their websites using it. Again, they find it lacking almost all good qualities that it is supposed to possess. This will eventually lead to lack of traffic that is required to propel their websites.

Jun 18, 2010

Affiliate Programs Guide : Affiliate Marketing Tools

Without the proper affiliate marketing tools you will not succeed in your Internet business. If you don't acquire the proper tools for your affiliate marketing business, you're not going to succeed. So, what tools do you need?

Tool #1 a website

The number one reason you need to get your own web site is so you can brand yourself. Branding allows you to become known around the Internet. It gives you a unique personality on the Internet and sets you apart from the millions of others out there.